Welcome to the Sigma Nu - Gamma Sigma Alumni website.  This continually updated website along with the bi-annual Newsletter and the "Blog" site (blog = web log, i.e. to write entries in and maintain a weblog) serve as the primary points of information for the alumni and friends of Gamma Sigma.  These information centers are our effort to keep the streams of communication open and the way for the entire membership to:

  • Take an active role in the chapter from a distance.
  • Share ideas on topics related to the chapter.
  • Provide another resource to locate missing brothers.
  • Let brothers know where you are and what you have been up to.
  • Share in our brotherhood of Sigma Nu.

We are continuing to investigate new features that can be added to the website to improve your online experience.

We are happy to report that the re-establishment of our Colony is well underway.  You will find more detail on the Recolonization page and this link > ISU SIGMA NU COLONY WEBSITE will take you to directly to the chapter website.

A Little History...and...A Bright Future

The Gamma Sigma Chapter of  Sigma Nu Fraternity was chartered on the  Iowa State University campus in  Ames, Iowa  in 1904 and has the distinction of being the oldest fraternity at this university. Since its founding nearly a century ago approximately 1,200 men have been initiated into the Legion of Honor.  Several alumni have consistently worked to maintain a viable and growing alumni group even though the undergraduate chapter has been inactive since 1998.

Brother Frederick "Fritz" Raab (GS772) has been the President of the Gamma Sigma Alumni Association from 1998 through 2007 and has worked diligently to lead a dedicated group toward two primary goals:

  • Maintain and grow a viable Alumni Association.
  • Recolonize the Chapter at ISU with the support of this Alumni Association.

Brother Ted Hollander (GS703) is our present President and Brother Raab has taken over duties as Treasurer

At the 2007 homecoming reunion several brothers expressed a strong desire to contribute their time and talents toward the mission of recolonizing the undergraduate chapter at ISU. The recolonization effort is now paying off and we hope to see a new Charter from Sigma Nu National by the Fall 2010. We want your involvement and please understand we will not be asking you for your money. In order for the chapter to be permanently successful we first must show the young men we will be recruiting that the alumni are committed to our pledge to Love, Honor and Truth.

If you have an interest in the recolonization process, whether it is serving as a chapter advisor or as an active alumni supporting the process and ongoing success of the chapter, let us know.  As we all know the success of any great fraternity is two fold with great undergraduate members and great committed alumni.

Please check out the rest of the website, visit the "Chapter" page, "Re-Establishment" page, Reunion page, and the blog site to find out who to contact about how you can become more involved with your Gamma Sigma Chapter of Sigma Nu.

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